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In celebration of the full moon, here is The Celestial Oracle ring.

Ethereal hands surround a beautifully crafted handmade glass full moon sphere. Limited edition.

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I want to be more clear about what DOITGIRL Witch School is.
This is not a Wiccan Course, I am not Wiccan. This is not a traditional Witch School, as there are plenty of those out there taught by seasoned witches steeped in traditional craft. This is a modern Witch’s wise woman journey into your own authentic heart. This is not even a true “Course,” in the patriarchal linear sense of the word that you’re graded or have mandatory homework or that there are any expectations of you besides a thirsty spirit and a heart that’s blistering and breaking open, never to close again. We won’t be working with traditional magick, but we will be working with the true magic of your own heart. This is an introduction to walking as a Modern Priestess. This is the answer to my inbox queries of “How Do I Work with You?” “How Do I Get Closer to Goddess?” “How Do I Get Closer to Myself?” “How Do I Make Sense of My Blasted Open Feminine Heart in this Patriarchal World?” “How Do I Serve?” This is a seven week journey into my mystical world, it will be peppered with my guides and teachers and my own trial by fire wisdom and the wisdom I’ve procured from books and teachers since my awakening. This is a walk through the world of the Modern Witch, a world governed by the Moon, the Earth, the Goddess, The Wheel of the Year, Moon Circles, Mystics, Trials by Fire, and an ever-awakening heart. This is a course to do my part to help de-stigmatize and re-rise the “Witch,” as self and earth healer. This is a course to help return you to your own ancient personal internal power.
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Witch School
Week I / Night One.
Intro Circle.
Aligning with & Working with the Phases & Magic of the Moon. Sarah will lead you through the phases of the moon- how to live and work with their particular magic. Plus, she’ll offer ritual and mantra for each magical lunar phase. Once we begin to align with Her phases, we begin to see the Divine Blueprint that is always guiding us deeper and truer.

School starts August 26, in the dark of the new moon, the most auspicious time to enter a new phase of one’s life.
For further course outline, information & registration, please go to

The long-awaited 7-week course to align with your inner Priestess, free the Witch from Patriarchal shadow and reclaim your inner wise woman. Since her Divine Feminine, Witchy Awakening into the Priestesshood four years ago Sarah Durham Wilson has been curating her external and internal research to craft this course for Modern Awakening Priestesses and she is thrilled and honored to finally share it with those who feel called to walk as Modern Witch, Priestess, Wise Woman. This is a course to unlock the long-buried tomb of Feminine magic from beneath the patriarchal concrete, so that Wild Hearts & Feminine Wisdom may thrive again. The Witch, the Self and Earth healer- has risen.

More Details on Special Guests and offers coming soon, stay tuned for details.
Payment Plans available, email for further inquiries.

for info & registration,

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di A. Corradini

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You are a possibility that has never occured before and will never occur again. No one else has had or will ever have your unique combination of talents, experiences and dreams. So don’t waste that uniqueness.

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Wildlife Experience All the Images are retrieved from FACEBOOK - If one of your… via Tumblr

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The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.

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The Valkyrie Vigil ~ Edward Robert Hughes

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